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               ACHIEVING THE POTENTIAL              

"High achievement always takes place in the framework of high expectation" - J. Kidner


How many times has your organization sought the council and advice of professional service providers only to be romanced by their selling efforts and disenchanted with their delivery effort?

We believe many of these disappointments resulted from poor planning, failing to initiate voyages of mutual discovery, and mis-managed expectations.  Many of the reasons for poor performance are outlined in the Project Management section.   The age old adage prevails, "those who fail to plan, plan to fail". 


ViP desires a "win-win" and structured business relationship in the supply, production, or demand side of your business.  For example, on average 45% of a firms revenue dollar is impacted by the activities and choices occurring in Procurement.  One can quickly compare their firm against industry benchmarks and determine where opportunities for improvement may exist.


To create eminence, our approach demands achievable goals, measures of success, and is driven by results.  Beyond the financial and stakeholder returns, the progression of our Performance Improvement initiatives tend to surface in four waves.

      Elevated Product and Service Quality fewer mistakes resulting in better decision making and higher valued products and services in the marketplace.

      Accelerated Delivery – better work gets done sooner without non-valued activities resuting in better revenue recognition and  cash to cash cycles.

      Improved Throughput the same people, using the same tools, find they are capable of achieving much more by reducing the cycle times in the critical supply, production, and demand processes of the business..

     Perpetual Momentum – a stable working environment with clear, standardized diciplines creates the foundation for contagious and sustained improvement.

In summary, the business of our business is helping companies select, construct, integrate, and apply capabilities.  We lead in voyages of mutual discovery and create wealth for our extended partners and clients!


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