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"Genius is the gold in the mine; talent is the miner who brings it out" - Lady Blessington


ViP was founded on the premise of networking the very "best in show" small, mid-market, and right sized product, service, and idea leaders; desiring to leverage their brilliance into the marketplace more efficiently and effectively. Collectively, ViP and our affilate partners simply reduce cost, increase working capital, and accelerate revenue growth for our clientele.


This uniquely structured business alignment fosters a compelling "win-win" collaborative of globally connected professionals and organizations desiring to leverage their intellectual capital and take advantage of virtual Marketplace Affinity.


The following key service areas are structured to create value,  innovation, and through our partners; promote sustainable wealth for the clientele we serve:

  • Accelerating Organizational Change through Performance Excellence

  • Best Shoring - Functional, Process, and Technology Outsourcing

  • Business Analytics and Intelligent Collaboration & Action

  • Business Process Transformation and Lean Six Sigma Improvement

  • Global Transportation, On Demand Logistics, and Freight Management

  • Human Capital Sourcing, Outplacement, and Infusion

  • Inbound/Outbound Sales, Customer Service, and Fulfillment

  • International Sourcing of Products, Services, and Ideas

  • New Venture Analysis, Development, Private Equity Placements

  • Procurement Spend and Supply Chain Optimization

  • Sales & Marketing, Lead Generation, Acquisition, Retention, Extention

  • Strategic Value Alignment, Development, and Commercialization

  • Transforming Complexity - Goal Directed Program/Project Management

  • Troubled Organizations and Turnarounds

  • Wisdom Based Information Technology

The value proposition "remains the same" by aligning the strategic vision of our clients with unprecedented expertise in creating key growth and profitable customer experiences








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