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"Tell me, I forget; show me, I may remember; involve me and I understand" - Sun Tzu


ViP has become special project gurus.  We understand the issues  impeding successful implementations and mitigating risk across a variety of project portfolios  Whether the initiative is strategic, operational, or tactical;  GOAL DRIVEN PROJECT MANAGEMENT is our proven approach for discrete visibiltity and execution.  The deployment  is simple, visable, flexible, and vital.


Our goal driven project management tool aleviates many of the common pitfalls of executing successul engagements, internal programs, and change within organizations. 


The major pitfalls of many poor projects have been summarized as follows:

     Things are hard to see – mistakes happen every day and left unresolved build toward major problems compromising the effectiveness of the organizations mission.  Make things as visible as possible so everyone can see when and if there is a problem.

     Responsibilities are not clear – too many times roles are left undefined, only to create an apathetic culture of misaligned goals and responsibilities. Where responsibilities are not clear, create detailed, standardized processes to avoid error, ambiguity, and confusion.

     Unnecessary work keeps on being created – without clear process or a standard approach having the right materials, tools, and information creates disjointed work environments.  Where there is unnecessary work or waste from inventory, processing, movement, waiting or queuing…redesign the work.

     Processes are hot joined up – disconnects occur within functional silos and islands of excellence are inherently built into the systems of the organization.  Focus on end-to-end processes.

     Inappropriate measures and targets – without linking roles and responsibilities to an integrated performance system, many organizations operate in competition to each other. Create a balanced and visible set of performance measures; cross functionally tied into the 3 financial statements of the organization.

     Problems are not resolved – when things go wrong, it creates extra pressure to get the job done, whereas getting to the root of the problem takes extra time and effort and usually the co-operation of some other cross functional entity perpetuating the issue.  Pursue the root causes of the problems and solve them at the source.

     Things get compounded – a basic lack of visibility, confused responsibilities, unnecessary work, disconnectsand extra work-arounds:  all add up and tangle one another.  The more complex things become, the greater chance of errors undermining the efficiency and effectiveness of delivery. Eliminate complexity and the additive affect.

     Frustration dissipates energy – when the quality of an organizations core processes are poor,  mistakes are made and the organization gets sucked into perpetual and endless fire-fighting, ultimately creating a blaming culture.  People want to do a great job, but the system doesn’t let them.  Create better systems, processes, and  activity sets with clear goals and measures of success.

In our vast experience with hundreds of complex projects and mitigating the risk of these pitfalls,  3 Simple Success Factors (SSFs)  continue to reign volumes and are self evident for stand alone projects, cross-functional interventions, inter/intracompany initiatives, and full scale transformations.  They are broken down into 6 easy steps.


 SSF (1)     Leadership, Leadership, Leadership.

(a)  Articulate the vision and clarify expectations

(b)  Get the right people involved at all levels

(c)  Define the job in detail and communicate responsibility

SSF (2)    Specific Goals, Measures, and Milestone Reviews.

(a)   Break the job down for early successes

(b)  Estimate resources in terms of time and costs

(c)   Set achievable, visual, and balanced milestones

SSF (3)   Guided Discovery and a Structured Improvement Process.

(a)  Establish a change modification procedure

(b)  Agree on acceptance and mutual success criteria

(c)   Reward exceptional behavior



Consistent provisioning for these Simple Success Factors from conceptual thought to initial planning to successful completion; assures delivery on the elusive mantra of being ontime, within budget, exceeding expectations, and without surprises.


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